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GettaMeeting delivers engaging content on Employee Empowerment, Leadership Development, Workplace Productivity, Creating Habits and Team Building in the form of downloadable, ready-to-use videos for onsite and online meetings.

How It Works

Ready-to-use video presentations for effective meetings

Don’t have time to create a presentation?

No problem. GettaMeeting offers downloadable and streamable pre-packaged videos for onsite and virtual meetings. Employees grow and develop by gaining the tools and skills to help build teams while improving both workplace productivity and relationships. These results-driven training materials are engaging and easy to use.

What’s included in my video package?

Each GettaMeeting video presentation includes an instantly downloadable and engaging plug-and-play video, along with valuable meeting enhancements for team building. Choose to download an entire series of 3 ready-to-use video presentations or all 12 for a year’s worth of meetings!

What are the team building meeting enhancements?

Energize your meetings and empower your employees by utilizing our meeting enhancements.

Meeting enhancements include:

  • Team activities
  • Suggested refreshments
  • Themed music playlists
  • Decoration ideas
  • Proposed giveaway items
  • Plus many more…

Get Results

GettaMeeting’s thought-provoking, inspirational sessions motivate participants to achieve more than they would have thought possible while improving their lives, both personally and professionally.

Participants will reflect on their entertaining and informative GettaMeeting experiences long after the onsite or virtual meeting presentation, resulting in long-term returns on your employee development and leadership training investment.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Wow—I am incredibly impressed with these GettaMeeting products! My career includes 20 years of leading a motivational employee development training program for a large national financial corporation. These modules are well-laid-out and include a wealth of information, which will be beneficial for large and small companies that take advantage of these wonderful meeting enhancement opportunities. Bravo!


Customer Focus Program Coordinator

These GettaMeeting modules offer valuable work and life-changing enhancements, both personally and professionally, which are advantageous for all attendees! I appreciate that they can be used within any industry and for team members at every level. Since many companies have small staffs, or employees working remotely, it’s refreshing to experience these innovative solutions for both onsite and online meetings.


Meeting & Event Planner

I’ve been leveraging these engaging GettaMeeting modules for professional development and the results have exceeded expectations. My team especially enjoyed the “Play Ball” module, as it drove home how teamwork traits and sports philosophies often translate to success in the workplace. The variety of themed meeting topics and depth of content provide countless ways to deliver valuable messages. No way we would be able to accomplish this on our own… what a time-saving resource!


Business Owner/Consultant

GettaMeeting is instructive, engaging and effortless to implement in any work environment. The modules provide useful tools that connect people in a relatable, informative and creative format. These programs include timeless customer service, focus management and numerous other professional skills that will serve as an asset to any business or organization. Participants enjoy the fresh perspectives and action items they can immediately apply both at home and in the workplace. Thank you!


Business Leader

The Benefits of GettaMeeting

Empower Employees

Inspire team members to create new personal and professional habits while becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

Build Teams

GettaMeeting videos are the perfect combination of team-building exercises and results-oriented employee training that builds cohesive teams, develops leaders, and retains employees.

Increase Productivity

GettaMeeting creates long-lasting motivation through shared experiences with a focus on improving workplace productivity.

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