Our Vision and Team

Our GettaMeeting team believes in sharing innovative strategies that enhance results while enabling people to perform their greatest work, with integrity, as they develop into their best selves.

When Brenda owned and operated businesses, she created meeting materials to motivate her team members while building camaraderie. Her themed meetings proved to be valuable and memorable, yet a lot of time and energy was dedicated to these forums—resources we recognize are scarce for most business leaders. This was the inspiration for our GettaMeeting team to design effective and enjoyable “plug and play” meetings for your teams.

GettaMeeting’s videos, templates and meeting module components promote connection and collaboration, essential to strengthening working relationships. It’s easy to “GettaMeeting” going for your team!

Our modules are designed for either virtual or in-person meetings, bringing those who work onsite and remotely into forums that focus on improving common workplace habits and experiences. We understand the importance of teammates sharing quality time together while embracing personal and professional development. Through engaging team building exercises, thought-provoking activities, and purposeful videos, GettaMeeting modules develop leaders and form cohesive teams—whether onsite, online, or both.

Because we’re passionate about creating memorable meeting experiences with long-lasting impact, we’ve done the meeting prep work for you. Facilitators can immediately download all of the elements to GettaMeeting and start hosting impactful sessions with subtle themes that promote understanding, growth, and development while capturing participants’ interest.

Female caucasian CEO Brenda headshot in a circle of blue dots. Brenda has short brown hair and is wearing a print button up with black blazer.

Brenda Rountree, CEO and Founder

Brenda’s career path began as a paralegal, then progressed as a title and escrow professional, co-owner of a small business, board member and Fortune 500 corporate leader for 32 years. Her focus on leading with integrity has defined her business passion and purpose. In addition to extensive operational experience, Brenda holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a Global Leadership concentration from Gonzaga University.

As the older (more “seasoned”) sister and aunt, Brenda appreciates her collaborative GettaMeeting business partnership and the synergy she shares with her sister Trinda and niece Makenna, as they balance their business and creative skills while having a great time together.

Brenda makes every moment count, as she and her husband Stephen savor quality time with friends and family, reading, photography, cooking, live theatre, music, golf, hiking, lifelong learning, volunteering, exploring the world and drinking great coffee.

Brenda's LinkedIn Profile

Female caucasian Trinda COO headshot in a circle of blue dots. Trinda has short blonde hair wearing a white button up with small black flowers.

Trinda East, COO and Creative Director

As the previous owner of a florist shop, elementary school paraprofessional, customer service representative and orthodontist office manager, Trinda has become an expert at creating exceptional and memorable experiences for customers and team members. She is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others while adding elements of fun to every gathering.

Being the younger sister to Brenda and aunt to Makenna adds joy to Trinda’s days as she contributes energy, inspiration, humor, value and authenticity to every GettaMeeting module, blog and project she’s involved in.

Trinda’s husband Jade and her three grown children appreciate Trinda’s care for them and attention she gives to everyone she meets. Trinda is enthusiastic about travel, volunteerism, baking (and consuming) cupcakes as she strives to discover the best cupcake on the planet, learning the game of golf, wine tasting, enjoying nature and connecting with loved ones.

Female caucasian  Mckenna VP of content head shot in a blue circle of dots. Mckenna has her brunette hair in a bun and wearing a black shirt with a grey cardigan.

Makenna Miner, VP of Content Development

Acquiring various skills throughout her work life, Makenna has gained experience in the restaurant industry, as an administrative assistant, and in customer service. With a passion for the arts, Makenna found her love for theater constructing costumes for her high school’s prestigious theater program, eventually earning the role of head costume designer, where her creativity grew in textiles.

Makenna holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Western Washington University. She contributes social media expertise, aesthetic composition, and unique concepts to GettaMeeting. Makenna's dedication to research and commitment to creating applicable content supports GettaMeeting’s mission one module at a time.

In her free time, Makenna loves to sew, discover and listen to music, travel, attend plays, and relax with her family and friends. She has an eye for design and a passion for interior decorating where she has enjoyed constructing DIY projects that uplift her personal spaces. Her ultimate happy place is by a fire, with a cup of tea, surrounded by loved ones, music, pillows, and blankets!