A Few of Our Favorite Things of 2023 - Work Gadgets and Tools

A Few of Our Favorite Things of 2023 - Work Gadgets and Tools
As we start to wrap up the year, we’re ready to share some of our 2023 favorites. From work-from-home essentials to organizational tools to purely fun and life-enhancing products, we’ve put together the ultimate list of workplace tools and gadgets. Based off research and our own experience, we’ve accumulated our picks and categorized them into:
  • Project management
  • Design & collaboration
  • Wellness
  • Productivity
  • Work from home
  • Online meetings
  • Fun & comfort

If you’re looking to improve an aspect of your work, chances are the following lists will provide a solution!

Project management


Asana strives to connect teams by prioritizing collaboration between departments. The software makes it easy to assign, organize, prioritize and tackle tasks. Teams can manage their time better by using mapped timelines and using boards to focus on one task at a time. Reports and workflows are automated for ease. Over 200 programs can be connected to Asana to integrate your full scope work - no need to sacrifice your favorite tools. All in all, Asana helps teams execute faster and with higher satisfaction.


Clickup makes working together on a project simpler, easier and more rewarding. The software tracks progress aligned with your goals and organizes all of the aspects of your project in one place. As a team, you have all of the tools needed for effective collaboration: comments, assignments, notifications, chats and more. Like Asana, you can also integrate your favorite tools for more customization. You can manage your work on whatever view works for you such as a list or board. ClickUp also offers AI to help with things like drafting documents or notes. 

Design & collaboration


Figma is a designer’s playground. A team of designers or a diverse team comprising of different roles can use Figma to work together simultaneously on a graphic, document or any other project or deliverable (which are all saved in shared libraries for easy access by everyone). In terms of collaboration, Figma provides fun and engaging ways to communicate such us post-it notes and stickers in a virtual white board. Easy coding is prioritized for Figma users if they choose to translate their designs into code.



Deemed as the “visual workspace for innovation,” Miro helps teams build, iterate and design quicker. Using agile methodology, the software has many visual tools optimized for smooth workflow for teams to map out plans, host retro meetings, brainstorm and much more. Trusted by over 60 million users, Miro helps team strategize, plan, design solutions and develop products/services all within the highly secure platform.



Canva makes high quality documents and content possible for those who aren’t knowledgable or skilled in the field of design. From documents to presentations to social media and so much more, Canva has all of the tools you need to create the product of your dreams. The user-friendly program gives users thousands of templates, images, colors, etc. to choose from. Teams who collaborate on Canva have access to shared folders, a customizable brand kit, more templates and other elements while all instantanseauly shared with ability to comment and resolve issues and steamline workflow in a team.


Not only is Pinterest an evolving platform for advertising and organic content distribution but it provides incredible inspiration for team members. Pinterests collects images and videos for users based on their interests. Users can group these in boards that are sectioned to group content for future use.


Almost as simple as it gets (but still innovative and incredibly effective), this software makes note-taking easy and organized. Simplenote can be syned between devices, shared for collaboration, tagged to be found easily, all while being backed up so your notes are never lost.


Alan Mind

Alan Mind prioritizes the mental health of employees. The software helps team members find coaching, exercises, webinars and resources if they are in need. Alan mind is anonymous and secure, leaving your employees in safe hands. Productivity and well-being increase dramatically among users as confidence is built and anxiousness is decreased.


Penzu makes journaling fun. Track goals or gratitude, reflect or take notes on this private program. The app syncs across devices and includes features such as reminders to journal and customizable aesthetics.

Essential oil diffuser

Create a calming and cozy environment with an essential oil diffuser or essential oil accessories.



TickTick helps manage your work and personal life. Create detailed to-do lists, set alerts and time durations for tasks, sort items, use focus timers, chat with coworkers and track your goals and progress! 


One of our all-time favorite tools, Trello, uses Kanban board to help individuals or teams organize workflow. Create backlogs, “doing” sections, and more where team members can add their tasks and move them through the process of start to completion. Detail each task with a date, notifications, assigned members and more. Trello increases personal accountability and transparency while boosting productivity.


This one is for HR professionals. Flair helps hire talent quicker, aids in onboarding and offboarding, simplifies performance reviews, and more. The program unifies all of your HR information and provides templates to help. All in all, Flair is a huge time saver.


Ergonomic chair

A work-from-home setup isn't complete without a comfortable chair. An ergonomic chair supports our body for the hours we sit in our home offices.

Under desk exercise

Keeping active during the workday promotes productivity. Consider a walking pad or bike pedals for a more enjoyable (and healthy) work routine.


Laptop or monitor stand

For those whose jobs require minimal physical tools, a laptop or monitor stand is essential. It helps with posture and pairs perfectly with an ergonomic chair for the best work conditions.


Bluetooth speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for creating an atmosphere of focus with ambient music. You can take the speaker with you when switching working locations in your home, too.


Noise-canceling headphones

For remote workers who like to work in public spaces like coffee shops, noise-cancelling headphones are a must. They’re also great for taking meetings and calls.


Vision board

Visualizing our goals and aspirations dramatically increase our success. Consider spending some time putting together a physical depiction of your objectives, inspiration, goals and motivations.


Milanote is a digital vision board complete with tools to bring your vision alive. Upload files and images and add text and links for context. It’s fun, effective and inspiring!

Blue light glasses

Our eyes experience significant fatigue when looking at screens all day. To lessen eye strain, wear a stylish pair of blue light glasses. Your eyes and vision will thank you!

Daily affirmations calendar

For a boost of confidence and inspiration every morning, get a calendar that includes motivational quotes or affirmations. Working from home can be lonely and uninspiring at times - these help immensely.

Online Meetings 


MeetGeek takes your virtual meetings to the next level with the intention of increasing productivity. The software offers many tools such as recording, transcribing and summarizing meetings with informed insights. All of the information is stored for future use. Notes and other deliverables can be shared on organizational apps used by your team. MeetGeek has much more to offer so be sure to chek out the many services it provides.


To simplify scheduling, use Calendly. Instead of swapping emails back and forth between team members to find times for meetings and events, Calendly lets facilitators find the perfect time with one link. Calendly syns all of your different calendars together and notifies you before meetings with important reminders. Apply Calendly beyond internal meetings in areas such as sales, customer success, IT and more.


If you’re looking for a better meeting experience without the hours of research, prep and execution, you need GettaMeeting. With topics spanning from team building to leadership development, GettaMeeting provides comprehensive meeting modules featuring a video instantly downloadable or ready to stream. Along with the video, meeting facilitators receive many more opportunities to enhance meetings through games/ice breakers, book recommendations, inspiring quotes, playlists and much more - all tailored to the meeting content.

For Fun & Comfort

Desk fan

For those warmer months or in the winter when the layers of clothing and hot beverages make you overheat at your desk, a fan is just what you need!

Travel mug

We don’t always have the time (or budget) to grab a coffee on the way to work. A travel mug is essential for taking your beverages with you on your commute and into the office.


Plants are known to make employees more productive. By incorporating plants (real or fake) in our work decor, we are happier, more satisfied and more efficient.

Desk vacuum

For those pesky crumbs and dusty hats to reach areas, a desk vacuum makes cleanup quick.



Starting a casual game during lunch and breaks makes all the difference in our well-being at work. Invest in a few light hearted games for employees to enjoy when they have some down time.



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