Which Modules Are Right For Your Team and Their Professional Development?

Which Modules Are Right For Your Team and Their Professional Development?

At GettaMeeting, we offer a wide variety of themed meeting modules perfect for any team. While they are all widely applicable, some managers and meeting facilitators would benefit from discovering which ones are most applicable to their team.

Let this article serve as a guidebook for you as you explore our modules and choose the ones your team will love and be motivated by while creating a memorable experience that positively influences how they work.

Presentation Meeting Modules: The Break Down

There are currently 12 downloadable meeting modules available that make up our All Series Super Bundle. This bundle instantly gives you 12 ready-made meetings at the price of 8 (A.K.A. a 33% savings.)

Alternatively, you can get three meeting modules under an overarching objective. There is the Employee Empowerment Series, Leadership Development Series, Workplace Productivity Series and Team Building Series. Each series bundle includes three meetings with different themes yet they aim to improve the same workplace element. Purchasing a series bundle over three meetings individually gives you an impressive discount as well.

Of course, one module can be purchased at a time if you only need one meeting.

Featured Benefits

No matter the theme or series bundle objective, every module ensures certain benefits for your team.

  1. Team building and team bonding through tailored activities
  2. Opportunities for further learning and discussion via book recommendations and book club discussion points
  3. Reminders of lessons learned and meeting content through takeaway items
  4. Natural and inviting collaboration
  5. Fosters fun and play in the workplace
  6. Multi-dimensional learning methods
  7. Putting employees and their development first (hosting a meeting that is solely for employee benefit)
  8. Easy facilitation - less time preparing which leaves more time to bring the meeting to life
  9. Sparks inspiration and innovation

Choosing The “Right” Module Depends on Your Team Dynamic

The meeting modules that are best suited for your team will align with your team’s biggest needs and areas for improvement, current or future challenges, and personal and professional interests. You cannot go wrong with any of our modules as they provide significant value to any team, yet we want your investment to be tailored to your team as much as possible. Choosing the “right” modules is easiest when we simplify them to their core objectives, themes, and key content pillars. Let’s do just that starting with Series Bundles and getting more specific with the individual modules included.


Employee Empowerment

For a team that shows interest in growing their individual skills and talents, choose the Employee Empowerment Series bundle. Perhaps team members could use a confidence boost or need a reminder of how integral they are to the team. This series is great for folks who might feel disheveled and not quite ready to take on more leadership traits but are eager to improve.

For managers and leaders who want to instill more confidence in their employees and challenge them to take more risks and increase their potential, this series is sure to bring those results. You will notice that all three modules also have underlying themes of food or cooking. It’s a fun one!

If you’re looking to invest in only one of the Employee Empowerment modules, here’s what to consider for each:

Build Relationships: Breaking Bread is the perfect module for teams who want to take their connectivity to another level. This meeting will help professionals value their skills while appreciating similar and different ones in others, especially their coworkers. The content in this module is widely applicable to personal relationships and professional ones including client and customer relations.

The theme of this module revolves around bread and baking, so if you have some bakers, cooks, or foodies on your team, this might be the module for you.

Get Organized: Mise en Place empowers employees through routine and expert methods. This one is great for teams who feel that they haven’t optimized their daily routines yet or are looking for some guidance on how to better organize their work or home life.

The theme of this module is culinary-centered and focuses heavily on organization, so it is popular among self-proclaimed neat freaks, aspiring chefs, and professionals who want to become more productive and efficient at work. Get Organized: Mise en Place works very well with teams that prefer action steps and well-defined methods that are easy to implement into their life.

The third module in the Employee Empowerment Series is Power of Positive Influence: Recipe for Positive Influence. If employees enjoy a story with built-in tips, this one is for them. It is perfect for individuals who have a strong desire to develop their skills to ultimately gain more responsibility and influence in the workplace.

The theme revolves around baking and cookies, so it is loved by bakers, people with sweet tooths, and anyone who is a sucker for a cute story and a sweet treat.


Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Series bundle includes meeting modules that help professionals develop unique yet crucial leadership abilities. The series is impactful for aspiring leaders but also brings new perspectives and guidance to current leaders. The meeting modules focus on optimizing and maximizing aspects of your work life to become a better leader, a more efficient team member, and a self-aware team player. This series has underlying themes of the arts and creative hobbies - there is something for everyone.

Now if you’re looking to invest in one of the Leadership Development modules, here’s the gist of each:

Shifting Perspectives: The Big Picture is a top pick for teams who want to develop their communication skills and become better collaborators. If your team struggles to communicate clearly or respectfully, this is an essential module for them. It is full of tips and methods professionals can use to have more intentional dialogue, leading to more successful debates and conversations.

Photography is used to illustrate the ideas presented in the module so if you have photographers, artists, and folks who can appreciate beauty and perspective, this module is a must-buy.

Cultivate Presence: Owning The Stage centers your meeting around design and coaches your team through how to create spaces that are motivational, inspiring, and productive. Cultivate Presence: Owning The Stage helps professionals discover how they can design their lives (at work and at home) to serve them exactly as they wish. This one is perfect for professionals who like to take care of their spaces and themselves and who value safe and welcoming spaces.

Theater kids, designers, live theater lovers, and self-care connoisseurs will deeply appreciate this one.

Improve Time Management: Rapid Refocus focuses on refining time management skills by using specific tools to improve current routines. This meeting module meshes well with teams that strive for efficient workflows and have high standards for themselves. Professionals who like to optimize aspects of work to create a better experience and thus have a better quality of life will benefit greatly from this module. 

If some members of your team struggle to stay on task or don’t seem to have the tools to work efficiently, this module is a great addition to your meeting toolkit.

Workplace Productivity

The Workplace Productivity Series bundle focuses on skills and habits we can acquire to maximize our productivity potential. This one is great for teams that might struggle with “getting in the groove” at work. For folks who struggle with focus and seem to lose track of time, this series is a real asset. Each module in the series provides actionable ways to increase productivity through routine and intention.

If you intend to invest in one of the Workplace Productivity modules, here’s some key info about each module:

The Healthy Habits meeting module provides insight for employees who want better routines and who might want to practice making better or smarter choices. This meeting is inspiring for folks who have goals, big or small and are passionate about achieving them. For teams who want to see their hard work pay off in noticeable ways, this module is incredibly influential in making it happen.

Employees who like to be organized or want to become better organized can greatly benefit from this module. Managers who want to help employees succeed can learn valuable techniques to instill a culture of productivity and reward.

The Maximize The Minutes module is great for teams who work on strict and short timelines or who never seem to have enough time in the day. Maximize The Minutes highlights the many ways we can spend our time and teaches professionals how they can gain control of their time to invest in what is truly important.

Employees and managers who strive to have a better work life balance, want more time for family or hobbies, or simply want to manage their busy work schedules better will greatly benefit from this one. This meeting will also be met with love by the busy bees, parents, caregivers, and “overachievers”!

Enhanced Focus: Power of Ten focuses on the power of dedicating just 10 minutes of interrupted time to a task. If your team is often stressed about time and getting things accomplished in a timely and efficient manner, this one is perfect for them. The meeting module walks teams through the various tools they can use to become a more productive version of themselves by minimizing distractions and maximizing bursts of intentional focus.

Enhanced Focus: Power of Ten can be particularly beneficial for those with ADHD, teams that work among many distractions or interruptions during the day, or individuals who want to find the time to dedicate to their passions, loved ones, or self-development.

Team Building

The Team Building Series bundle tackles team dynamics and the various ways your team can become more cohesive, efficient, and successful. The meeting modules focus on not only increasing individual competencies and skills but also integrating yourself effectively to become an ultimate team player.

This series uses sports as a powerful way to discuss its concepts, particularly inspiring the sports fans and athletes in the office.

If you intend to invest in one of the Team Building modules, here’s a summary of each module:

The Optimize Performance: Crew Skills module focuses on the sheer importance of team building to our work and how to achieve what you want through strong determination. This is a great meeting module for teams who tend to experience rough challenges in their work. It is also a powerful meeting for team members who are not fully acquainted and could use some team bonding tips and motivation.

This one is crew/rowing themed so any avid rowers, gym go-ers, military veterans, or even University of Washington alumni will thoroughly enjoy the module.

Overcome Obstacles: Golf Game for Business and Life is about reframing challenges into opportunities and learning how to increase your performance by mastering fundamentals at work and working through obstacles with ease. This one is also great for folks who tend to deal with many challenges in their work or often are met with obstacles that are difficult to resolve. The focus on fundamentals is also particularly applicable for teams that are welcoming new members or folks who are newer to the organization.

This module uses golf to illustrate some valuable points, so competitive individuals and those who enjoy golf will gain some valuable lessons.

Our last module, Strengthen Skills: Play Ball focuses on developing crucial business skills. If employees have been seeking professional development or have shown interest in honing their skills, this meeting module provides just the content they are looking for. It is truly influential for any team as it discusses considering perspectives, awareness, positivity, and impact.

Baseball and softball fans will love this one, but so will any team passionate about producing value and excelling in their roles.

Need more help choosing modules? Email or fill out our contact form! We’ll help you find exactly what you’re searching for.


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