All Series Super Bundle: Get all 12 Meetings!

$2,094.00 $4,188.00

Choose the “All Series Super Bundle” and receive 50% ($2,094) off! That’s 12 meetings for the price of 8!

With the All Series Super Bundle, you’re ready to:

  • Organize your monthly meeting plans for an entire year!
  • Virtually engage remote workers with one another or with onsite employees 
  • Create consistent messaging that strengthens your company culture
  • Enhance the onboarding experience for new employees

What’s included in the All Series Super Bundle?

  • 12 meeting videos
  • 12 meeting enhancements PDFs (book recommendations, take-away item ideas, curated playlist, team building games, prize ideas, food and beverage suggestions, and more)

What happens after I purchase the All Series Super Bundle?

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your modules. Click the link or log in to your GettaMeeting account to instantly download or stream your meeting videos and download your meeting enhancements. You are now fully equipped to host your meetings!