Build Relationships: Breaking Bread

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Learn how to improve professional and personal relationships

Build Relationships: Breaking Bread provides employee empowerment strategies that will positively impact your organization. In this deliciously themed and bread-inspired virtual training video, you and your team will:

  • “measure” how you can work well with others

  • reflect on how much you “knead” your coworkers

  • identify personality styles through the DISC assessment and how to enhance communication

  • use icebreakers to explore the ingredients that make each of us unique

  • learn why practicing togetherness and creating community brings so many benefits

...and more

What’s included in the Build Relationships: Breaking Bread module?

  • meeting video
  • meeting enhancements (book recommendations, take-away item ideas, curated playlist, team building games, prize ideas, food and beverage suggestions, and more)

What happens after I purchase Build Relationships: Breaking Bread?

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your module. Click the link or log in to your GettaMeeting account to instantly download or stream your meeting video and download your meeting enhancements. You are now fully equipped to host your meeting!

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