Get Organized: Mise en Place

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Create methods and routines for an efficient workplace

The French phrase, mise en place, means “putting in place” or “everything in its place.” By creating better methods and routines, you’ll have a more efficient workplace. This culinary-themed training program video will:

  • prepare your team for the unexpected
  • instruct how to put everything in its place to increase productivity
  • boost leadership development and employee performance using fun activities
  • teach your team how to show up better prepared
  • guide your team to make their processes more efficient
  • teach how to practice true presence to produce better routines

...and more

What’s included in the Get Organized: Mise en Place module?

  • meeting video

  • meeting enhancements (book recommendations, take-away item ideas, curated playlist, team building games, prize ideas, food and beverage suggestions, and more)

What happens after I purchase Get Organized: Mise en Place?

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your module. Click the link or log in to your GettaMeeting account to instantly download or stream your meeting video and download your meeting enhancements. You are now fully equipped to host your meeting!

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