Overcome Obstacles: Golf Game for Business and Life

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Turn challenges into opportunities through preparation and understanding

The game of golf has much in common with business—especially in the ability to become the best possible version of yourself no matter what obstacles you face. Playing golf well can take a lifetime to perfect, yet you can quickly master the fundamentals of your work game and become a strong contributor to your team and organization – if you know how. In this themed meeting, participants will learn:

  • what fundamental tools will help us improve our game
  • how to improve our desired results
  • the importance of establishing our character as accountable and trustworthy
  • how to use discipline and organization to our advantage
  • how to confront obstacles while clearing a path for continual team building and top performance

What’s included in the Overcome Obstacles: Golf Game for Business and Life module?

  • meeting video

  • meeting enhancements (book recommendations, take-away item ideas, curated playlist, team building games, prize ideas, food and beverage suggestions, and more)

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