Developing Skills to Address Challenges at Spirited IT Solutions: A Case Study

Developing Skills to Address Challenges at Spirited IT Solutions: A Case Study

Spirited IT Solutions is an online business that coaches small and midsize businesses who are in need of information technology solutions. The remote team meets with clients, workshops solutions, presents suggestions to clients, works with clients to solve issues, and access client’s online spaces to implement solutions.

CEO Alejandro is proud of his small but successful business. He strives to reach new levels of success and encourages his employees to do the same.

Since launching his business in 2022, Alejandro had been steadily taking on more clients, expanding his team, and attempting to keep up with industry trends while learning how to properly manage a remote team. As his business evolved, Alejandro struggled with helping his team collaborate smoothly while keeping clients at the forefront of his business.

The Challenge of Collaboration and Client Relations

The team at Spirited IT Solutions started to struggled with communication as the team grew. Some remote employees work in different time zones which interferes with deadlines and minimizes timely replies. Alejandro recognized his absent role in facilitating a culture of open communication.

Alejandro also felt a disconnect between his team and his clients and struggled to understand how his clients felt about Spirited IT Solutions and how the team might be able to improve. This issue boiled down to a need to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. The team at Spirited IT Solutions needed to work on maintaining standards by improving quality assurance and soliciting feedback from clients. 

Alejandro’s team seemed to be lacking in customer care skills and the business’ process of improving client satisfaction was subpar. Within a similar vein, the team could apply what they learn about client satisfaction to their relationships with their third-party vendors.

Why GettaMeeting?

Alejandro ultimately chose GettaMeeting as a solution to his business problems because of the accessibility and the ability to customize the modules. Because his team works remotely, Alejandro needed easily accessible learning materials that would be shareable to his entire team. GettaMeeting’s videos and meeting enhancements can be streamed and downloaded which gave Alejandro multiple ways to get the meeting content in front of his remote team. 

Alejandro decided to purchase GettaMeeting’s “Shifting Perspectives: The Big Picture” meeting module from the Leadership Development Series. Although many of the modules would help his team grow and improve, Alejandro thought that the “Shifting Perspectives: The Big Picture” module would directly address the primary issues at hand as the module focuses on subjects such as framing conversations, using intentional language, strengthening work relationships and collaborating more effectively.

The “Shifting Perspectives” module was also an easy choice for Alejandro because of its theme.

Alejandro shares his thought process:

“I already knew that the content in the [module] was exactly what my employees needed, but the underlying photography theme really solidified my decision because my team consists of some photography buffs and people who can appreciate the technology factor. Most of us also have an eye for design and composition, so this module was a great fit for us.”

The Process: How Spirited IT Solutions Utilized GettaMeeting 

After choosing which module would best serve his team, Alejandro went through the process of using the module video and meeting enhancements to create a customized yet simple meeting experience for his team.


Because Alejandro would be leading the meeting for his team via the online meeting platform Teams, he decided to prep the meeting materials beforehand and send them with the meeting invitation.

With the email invite he included the book recommendations, book club questions, and inspirational quotes from the enhancements. He also created and linked a playlist on Spotify that included all of the suggested songs from the enhancements. 

Alejandro then focused on two of the games from the enhancements. Because they both required no preparation on his part, he simply asked his team members to each come to the meeting prepared with a sentimental photo to share with the team for the “Photo Swap” game.

After sending the invitations to his team, he began prepping the rest of the meeting. Because the meeting would be held in a week from the day he purchased the module, everything he ordered arrive to his employees' addresses in time. He decided to purchase two takeaway items for each team member: a themed notebook and keychain to remember the meeting.

Within only 45 minutes, Alejandro had prepared an engaging, cohesive and impactful meeting. He reflected on the preparation process for the meeting.

“I usually dread preparing for meetings because it’s a boring and timely process, but time flew by when I prepared for a GettaMeeting module. Because everything is themed and tied in a creative way to the meeting content, sending the enhancements to my team was actually fun and made me feel good knowing that I was getting ready for something that is worth my team’s time and that will actually bring me the results I'm looking for.”


The meeting ran smoothly as Alejandro streamed the module video over Teams. He simply paused and played the video for exercises when prompted to. After the video ended, he shared his screen to go through the prominent parts of the Enhancements PDF with the team. He mentioned the three book recommendations and played the themed playlist as his employees participated in the two games Alejandro chose.

At the end of the meeting, Alejandro encouraged his team to look over the inspirational quotes from the enhancements that he included in the email invitation and keep the takeaway items near their workspaces so that they could reflect on and apply what they had learned from the meeting.

The Results

In the following weeks, Alejandro noticed many changes in his team and business. He recognized an attitude shift in many of his employees. They began thinking of others first and considering clients’ entire perspectives when working with them. Asking for feedback became a regular practice and made clients feel more appreciated. This led to more satisfying interactions for customers.

Team members also created better and equally valuable agreements with vendors due to enhanced communication methods.

Employees reported feeling happier and more satisfied with their work. They practiced cutting out low value tasks and putting in more effort to gain understandings of team members and customers’ perspectives. Through these continued efforts, coworkers found ways to connect more often through check-in calls and even meeting up in person after work. Alejandro’s employees became more intentional with their actions and communication. Even meetings became more efficient because the team now communicates more effectively using the tools they learned from GettaMeeting. Meetings also became a place where employees could find and fulfill their roles as described in the module.

The Spirited IT Solutions team is now running smoothly and shifting the business to be more customer-centric.

Alejandro is “looking forward to using the 'Improve Time Management: Rapid Refocus' module for a future meeting” as he is now “hooked on the Leadership Development Series.”


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