Overcoming Pressure and Staying Competitive: A Case Study

Overcoming Pressure and Staying Competitive: A Case Study

Aaron is the owner and CEO of Scrupulous Real Estate Group, a company of about 30 employees. Aaron, in collaboration with the company’s executives and department directors, wants to ensure his employees are developing their professional skills and continuously learning preventative tactics and tools to help them solve issues. He is committed to making his team as strong and cohesive as possible while addressing the obstacles that his agents, brokers, and managers face.

The Challenge of Pressure and Competition

Aaron was looking for an easy and quick way to provide training for his team that targets current and expected issues. 

Due to market volatility, Aaron recognized that his brokers and agents struggled to navigate the unpredictable real estate market, leaving his employees feeling unequipped to adapt to changes and fluctuations. Aaron’s managers could also use some help in learning how to respond to changes in the market and adjust their strategies accordingly.

He also pinpointed the prominent issue of competition. The real estate industry is highly competitive, therefore his company and team must know how to consistently stand out from other agencies and attract and obtain clients. The leaders in the company also need to be aware of any growth opportunities to stay ahead of competitors.

When the team gets clients, they need to be able to communicate with the clients and respectfully resolve issues. Agents and other employees can feel immense pressure to ensure customer satisfaction, which they must be able to manage.

Why GettaMeeting?

Aaron ultimately chose GettaMeeting because of the ease of use and customizable nature of the modules. He found that his team could benefit from many of GettaMeeting’s modules, but the Team Building Series perfectly aligned with Aaron’s intentions for the meeting.

Aaron chose the "Optimize Performance: Crew Skills" module from the Team Building Series due to the module’s topics of performing under pressure, commitment to relationships, perseverance, and more.

The Process: How Aaron Used the "Optimize Performance: Crew Skills" Module


Aaron wanted to prepare the meeting quickly but efficiently so that he could host it as soon as possible. He purchased and downloaded the three assets and then brought the enhancements to life.

Creating an impactful, memorable, and intriguing meeting experience was a top priority for Aaron, so he decided to utilize all of the enhancements. 

First, he ordered everything needed for the meeting. This included notebooks and pens for his employees to take notes, another fun takeaway item for every person on his team, crew-themed decorations for the conference room and break room, and prizes for the three games. He also ordered a few copies of each recommended book for employees who left the meeting inspired and interested to learn more about the topics.

After he placed his online orders and knew when they would arrive, he scheduled the meeting for the following week at a time that worked for all of his agents, managers, and brokers.

Next, Aaron put together the rest of the enhancements. He printed out copies of the inspirational quotes to set at each place at the conference table and copies of the book club questions to put in each of the books. He then used Spotify to put all of the recommended songs into a playlist. Lastly, Aaron placed a catering order from a local restaurant that will provide food and refreshments inspired by the Pinterest board included in the Enhancements.

Within an hour and a half, Aaron had completely prepared for the meeting, and he was impressed with how stress-free it was. 

“It was very different from what I’m used to. Prepping [for the meeting] was actually enjoyable because I just followed the Enhancements PDF, searched up exactly what was suggested, and ordered everything. It really couldn't be easier and it was fun to pick and choose what I wanted to do for my team; I felt a creative liberty that I often don’t get to employ in my day-to-day. And GettaMeeting takes all of the time-consuming and tiring aspects out of the equation, like researching, writing, formatting a presentation, etcetera.”


About a week after prepping for the meeting, Aaron hosted the session in the conference room with about 20 of his employees.

Aaron began the meeting by explaining the module, why he chose it for the meeting, and how it focuses on their well-being and work life.

“It was really important for me to preface the meeting by describing why we were having a longer session. I needed my team to feel like their struggles and obstacles were recognized by me and that I was actively working to make their jobs easier and better. So, explaining a little bit about the video and games and whatnot helped my employees understand that they’re being heard and that this is purely for them and their professional development.”

Aaron then played the video and paused it when prompted so his team could do the exercises. He played the playlist at a low volume during the exercises and after the video ended. The team then took a few minutes to discuss topics that stood out to them and how the content applied to their jobs. 

The team then jumped into the enhancements, lunch being first. The team grabbed their takeaway items, dropped them off at their desks, and headed to the break room for a catered lunch. On their way out of the conference room, they were encouraged to grab a book with the book club questions, which over half of them did.

The lunch room was decorated on theme which was admired by everyone. The food tied into the crew aesthetic, too.

One of the agents praised the decor and refreshments meeting enhancements. She said: “we never really have lunches like these where we all eat together and have some time to be social. It’s always ordering something for lunch that everyone eats at different times or we don’t see each other for long enough to have a real conversation. This felt more like a party to me because of the decorations, food, and beverages. It felt like we were celebrating our growth as a team which was cool to experience.”

After lunch, the team competed in the three team-building games and won prizes. Following these games, the team was visibly happier, more energized, and working more cohesively together.

The feedback Aaron received after the meeting was overwhelming. A few follow-up emails thanked Aaron for making time to address their problem areas and praised him for putting together such a well-rounded meeting that was much needed.

He noticed more employees were coming to him with their concerns and challenges, which Aaron was very grateful for. He felt like a new line of communication had opened and his team became more honest about what they struggled with at work while knowing people were rooting for them and caring about their progress. With this added element of support, Aaron’s employees became better equipped to handle pressure, face competition, and adapt to uncertainty. 

Aaron says: “I feel like GeetaMeeting was made for my company. It’s exactly what we needed. I’m going to download the other two meetings from the Team Building Series since my team could definitely use it. I’m happy I found this resource - I recommend [GettaMeeting] to almost every business owner or leader I meet!”

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